Women Body Scissors

    body scissors

  • Asphyxia (from Greek a-, “without” and σφύξις sphyxis, “heartbeat”) is a condition of severely deficient supply of oxygen to the body that arises from being unable to breathe normally. An example of asphyxia is choking.


  • (woman) charwoman: a human female employed to do housework; “the char will clean the carpet”; “I have a woman who comes in four hours a day while I write”
  • (woman) an adult female person (as opposed to a man); “the woman kept house while the man hunted”
  • A wife, girlfriend, or lover
  • (woman) a female person who plays a significant role (wife or mistress or girlfriend) in the life of a particular man; “he was faithful to his woman”
  • A female worker or employee
  • An adult human female

women body scissors

women body scissors – Women's Wrestling

Women's Wrestling DVD – Real Girl vs. Girl Mat Action (3 Matches) – LSP-PP73- featuring Trevelyan, Sharon, Ziggy and Larissa
Women's Wrestling DVD - Real Girl vs. Girl Mat Action (3 Matches) - LSP-PP73- featuring Trevelyan, Sharon, Ziggy and Larissa
Real Girl vs. Girl Mat Action (3 Matches) – featuring Trevelyan, Sharon, Ziggy and Larissa This all girl mat offering is definitely for the hard core, no-nonsense wrestling fan. 90 minutes of non-stop, explosive female power, starting with one of the strongest bodybuilders on earth the (5’2″, 140lb. Trevelyan) against one of the greatest bodies ever to grace a T-back leotard (Sharon, at 5’3″ and 145 lbs. of defined muscle). Muscle nuts will love the way Sharon’s muscles bulge in this video, as they are put to their stiffest test. Trevelyan is literally granite hard, yet Sharon’s powerful legs have her gasping. The action turns up a notch when Trevelyan encounters Ziggy in match #2. You’ll be amazed at Ziggy’s aggressive, fearless style, forcing her awesomely strong opponent to fight for her life at the point of near exhaustion! The final match is ‘Clash of the Titans,’ pitting Trevelyan against the legendary Larissa (5’10”, 183 lbs!). Could a 5’2″, 140 lbs. female even hope to hold this amazon at bay? Scissors fans will love this match, as each blast the other many times (to submission) with the most punishing scissors imaginable. There are many falls and no ‘down time’, on this tape. Cocky Trevelyan takes on her biggest wrestling challenge. Don’t miss it! USE SEARCH TAG ‘LSP’ IN ‘MOVIES & TV’ TO SEE OUR FULL LINE OF VIDEOS

IMG 5328d SHAVE No. 5!

IMG 5328d SHAVE No. 5!

I have no shavers – I left them at home as I thought I would never need them again.

I hacked myself with scissors, then did the rest with a new body shaver.


handmade, scissor n´glue collage. march, 2009.

women body scissors

Wenger Swiss Military Men's 69373 Outback Black Leather Analog Watch and Swiss Army Knife Gift Set
A watch that complements your active lifestyle, this Wenger Swiss Military watch is built for rugged wear. Unique details like red stitching over a black leather strap call for both comfort and style. Wenger Swiss Military, known for their Swiss-made craftsmanship and history behind the brand, invites precision and class into any collection. Paired with a Swiss Army knife, this gift sets boasts unparalleled quality that meets the lifestyle needs of an outdoor enthusiast.
Brand logo
Outback 69373 Wenger Swiss Military Watch and Swiss Army Knife Set
Wenger Swiss Military Watches

Built to the same standards as the Wenger Swiss Army Knife and all Wenger Swiss Watches but with an eye on value, this collection speaks to the very essence of what a watch should be; a reliable, practical and affordable accessory built to provide a lifetime of precision timekeeping. All Wenger Swiss Military Watches are made in Switzerland, the country known for superior manufacturing standards, unparalleled quality and enduring value in everything they craft.
Wenger Swiss Army Knives
A Swiss Army Knife is a tool which contains a variety of implements within one relatively small and lightweight unit. It’s the original multi-tool and it’s been said many times that a Swiss Army Knife is an indispensable tool with thousands of uses. A Swiss Army Knife is exceptionally efficient, lightweight and compact. Wenger still manufacturers all of their knives in Switzerland and as a measure of quality control, a highly trained technician inspects every knife, opening and closing each implement by hand before it leaves the factory. For the weight, space and efficiency conscious, you can’t ask for a better companion for everyday adventures.
Outback Swiss-Made Watch
The best-of-the-best sports cars have a lot going for them. Most obviously, they look like they’re going 100mph even when they’re standing still. Look a little closer and you’ll notice how the front end flows into the body and the body flows into the hood which then flows into the interior. This harmony is hard to achieve but we think we’ve captured that spirit in the Outback Swiss-made watch. Start with the supple, textured genuine leather strap with red stitching. Move to the brawny cushion-shaped stainless steel case that screams power. The fixed bezel is securely fastened to the case using four (4) black hex bolts that contrast perfectly with the thick, brushed stainless steel. The oversized crown is painstakingly knurled to improve your grip when shifting the time or date. Sunken deeply into the case are your gauges: a jet black dial with large luminous markers, numerals and hands that act as a virtual speedometer as your day flies by. An inner bezel provides minutes or seconds in increments of five as all those around you are wondering why you’re moving so much faster than they are.
Summary of Features
• Made in Switzerland. World-renowned for high quality products.
• 3-Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty gives you peace of mind knowing that in the unlikely event the watch fails it will be repaired or replaced.
• 44mm brushed stainless steel case with screw-on caseback is strong and sturdy. Stainless steel is more expensive than many other case materials.
• Swiss-quartz movement accurate to 1/10 of a second per day.
• Water-resistant to 100m/330 feet means this watch was created to go to the extremes.
• Genuine leather strap with red stitching and brushed buckle is very comfortable and stylish.
• Black dial with white/silver numerals and markers, red marker at 12 o’clock position and red markers at hour positions.
• White hour and minute hands. Red seconds hand.
• Luminous hands, numerals and markers for low light visibility.
• Knurled crown is easy to grip so setting the time and date is hassle-free.
• Wenger cross on crown demonstrates commitment to quality.
• Mineral crystal covers the face of the watch, protecting the movement from water, debris, dust, etc.
• Date display window so you know the day of the month at a glance.
• Minutes scale on inner bezel for precision measurements.
• Includes Wenger Swiss Army Knife. Model Evolution 81 in red. 6 implements that perform 7 functions. 1.75” blade, springless scissors with serrated self-sharpening design, nail file, nail cleaner, toothpick, tweezers, key ring. Lifetime warranty. Made in Switzerland.
• Watch and knife packaged in metal gift box with protective sleeve.


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